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Welcome to the Louisiana Furs' LiveJournal.com Community.

This journal is for Louisiana (and surrounding area) furs to communicate with each other. Since not all of us hang out in the same place, this place gives us a meeting point.

Here are some of our Community Members and their location.

chancepuppeh in Larose, La

dragonheadthing in La

anjel_kitty in Hattiesburg, MS

puppy420 in Hattiesburg, MS

lacrimas in Hattiesburg, MS

neopantyger in Baton Rouge, La

nigefoxx in Cut Off, La

Community Rules
What is allowed:
-Meet up information.

-Information on other furs.

-Hurricane touch-base.

-Con touchbase (you need a roomie or a ride.)

-You need a room mate for your apartment/house, please feel free to ask here.

Things like this are allowed.

What's not allowed:
-MEMEs. While it is nice that you wish to tell the community about yourself, we do not want to see MEME's plastered on our community.

-Personal journal entries. Personal journal entries are for just that, your personal journal. I'm quite sure that the people here do not want to hear about your personal problems, if they do, they will probably friend you.

-We do NOT allow, by ANY means, the bashing of other people in this community.

-Drama. If you have ANY plans of causing drama in this community, please think again. Any drama posts will be deleted. We are not here to listen to your drama, so please, don't post it.

This is a Drama Free community and I, along with the other mods, wish to keep it that way. Leave your drama in your own journal.

-Personal problems with other people here. If you have a personal problem with someone here, please find other means of addressing the issue. We will not tolerate you bringing personal problems and all entries/comments going this direction will be deleted and the mods will decide wether or not the parties involved will be banned for any length of time.

-Any comments aimed at causing trouble will be deleted and a ban will be discussed

Also, if you have a problem with something in this community, please inform me (chancepuppeh at mobiletel.com) or one of the other moderators.
I'm sure they don't mind helping you out or talking with the other mods to change the problem.

Thank you,

One of your mods,

Here are a few rules to abide by when attending a meet at BlackWolf and Co's Metairie home:

1. NO SEX! No sex of any kind will be tolerated.

2. No minors. We can not afford to have underage people at the house. We can not guarantee that they have parental consent and can not be held liable if anything should happen.

3. No Drugs. This has not been a problem but we are going to keep making it clear. No illegal substances will be allowed. Immediate ejection and banning will be the minimum action taken.

4. No Alcohol unless otherwise posted. We want the meets to be sober unless it’s a special meet set up to involve drinking. You must ask if it is okay before buying or consuming alcohol if it is not posted as a drinking meet.

5. NO DRAMA! Please leave your drama at home. This is a fun place for furs to get together and hang out. Bringing your drama here makes others uncomfortable and just leads to less fun. If you have issues with others attending do your best to just deal. We do understand some things are unavoidable and we ask that it is taken outside.

The three strike rule will be in effect for the meets held here. With the exception of sex and drugs which are immediate expulsion, the residents of the house will agree on the strike and you will be notified.

We enjoy hosting the fur meets and feel that this a reasonable set of rules for everyone to follow and would be implemented at pretty much any public furry event. We do not want to end up having these meets become invite-only. We would however appreciate an RSVP and advanced knowledge of new attendees only so we can know how much food to have for the meet and so we are not caught by surprise.

Wow. We have, yet, another way of keeping contact: http://louisianafurs.com/forum/index.php